Worm Products

Earthworm Castings

“Thanks for the samples of what I think is one of the most unique and truly effective home and garden products currently on the market. I have tested your product thoroughly and believe it to be one of the greatest products since bagged potting soil.”
Thomas Stocker – Harris Publications

“I tried your earthworm castings on my African Violets and they haven’t stopped blooming since. All my plants are greener, shinier and growing beautifully. I’ve stopped using the special African Violet food I used to buy from the store. Thanks for your amazing product.”
Pat Roth – Sturtevant, Wisconsin

  • The 1991-92 National gardening survey estimates lawn and garden retail sales at $22.1 billion in 1991.
  • A Mother Earth News article states “The demand for organically produced food now outstrips supply by ten to one. It’s the fastest growing specialty sector in agriculture.”

As the statements above indicates, the professional commercial worm growing industry can be a lot more than people envision.

Because nightcrawlers are such a universally popular live bait, it’s no wonder that fishermen have been known to pay over $3.50 per dozen for a good bait worm!

Cultured Earthworms

  • “We carry the cultured earthworm and have customers who like them and ask for more. We continually get requests. We feel the main advantages of this earthworm are they are very active and that they can take the warm weather.”
    Bait Dealer – Burlington, Iowa
  • “I like how your earthworms work. They catch fish and have brought repeat customers.”
    Bait Dealer – Beloit, Wisconsin
  • “Everyone who uses them really likes them. They come back and ask for yours specifically. Probably 80% of my customers won’t use anything else. They stay nice and active, even in our heat.”
    Bait Dealer – Tucumcari, New Mexico

The Fishing/Bait Industry

  • A Gallup Poll stated that fishing is the 2nd most popular recreational activity in the U.S.
  • The Census Bureau for Fish & Wildlife Service stated that anglers spent $28.2 billion on their sport.
  • An article in the Wall Street Journal quotes Chris Alifagonis, a bait wholesaler, “Worms are getting harder to find in Canada and they are smaller than they used to be. Something is wrong, it must be the acid rain.”

A Few Words About the Vermicomposting Industry…

People have been experimenting using worms for handling municipal solid waste for over 24 years, but no projects that we know of have actually progressed from the experiments to large scale commercial operations that deal with massive volumes of waste. While we agree with the premise that this industry has some future potential, it is still not commonplace and it has many shortcomings.

With a reusable, recession proof, 60 million user base market and demand for far outreaching supply at times is why we focus on the bait market and the bait market pays a much HIGHER PRICE.

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