Introducing A Proven Business System that Produces

  • Cultured Night crawlers for fishing bait and vermicomposting
  • Earthworm castings (manure) for organic fertilizer
  • Worm cocoons (eggs) for gardeners to replenish worms in their soil

Our commercial worm farm manufacturing system is one of the most technologically advanced systems available in the world today. These advances provide for the vital necessities required in any successful worm farming facility. Necessities include cost accountability and inventory control. Without them, producing any worms or worm castings profitably is guesswork at best.

We have been raising earthworms since 1977 and have developed a worm farming production system that is truly unique. It is not like others requiring large growing areas and cumbersome methods with NO ability to maintain any control. Our system is extremely compact and quite clean. Most importantly, we offer all the necessary instructions, controls, support, feeds and equipment to make you happy in a money-making worm farming operation. We don’t just give you a book and some over priced breeder worms and tell you to go for it!

In our commercial worm farming system you are able to calculate how much labor and raw materials are needed to produce a specific quantity of earthworms to a specific size. You also have the ability to know how many worms you have in inventory at any given time. Because of our controlled process, you not only know how many worms you have, but also how many worms you have in various sizes. This allows you to plan your worm and worm casting marketing program and forecast your sales and production needs. Without a working knowledge of how many worms you have and what sizes they are, it is not possible to know what it is costing you to produce each worm or what you have to sell them at to be profitable. That’s not a very bright way to run a business, is it? We have eliminated the guesswork and provided you with a foolproof worm farming system unlike any other in America.

Of more importance is the amount of time and energy you will save by implementing this proven worm growing system. You could read several books, try to determine what supplies you need, make some outdoor beds and put some worms into the beds. You still won’t have any production controls and you won’t have our warm weather, full size earthworm. Your worms will produce some earthworm castings, but they won’t be pure and you won’t be able to sell them for a premium price. And finally, you won’t have anyone with 30 years experience to call for help with your worm farming production questions or problems. You must ask yourself, “How much is two or three years of my time worth to learn things the hard way? How many dollars will I spend experimenting?” Wouldn’t it make sense to pay a PROVEN expert to teach me?

UNCO Video and Literature Packet

IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE, DESIRE AND ARE READY TO ACT, YOU ARE READY TO LOOK INTO THE SYSTEM THAT CAN ALLOW YOU TO SUCCEED. Check out our informational package including a Video and Literature to Start Your Own Worm Farm.

UNCO literature pack

We supply everything you need to get up and growing — including step-by-step training!