Flexibility, Job Security and Control

At Unco Industries, Inc., it is our business to help provide people with millions of quality nightcrawlers and tons of valuable earthworm castings.

Why are more worm manufacturers (growers) wanted? Primarily because of the current demand for the product. Additional growers can provide convenient and cost effective shipping to better service customers. Expanding the number of producers will also make more products available for the ever growing demand.

Who would not want this!  A spare income or have it be your main source of income with the security of knowing you can’t be FIRED or LAID OFF.

What better yet?  Lifestyle advantages that offer FLEXIBILITY and YOU’RE THE BOSS!!!

The production system of hand picking nightcrawlers from their natural habitat has been, the most effective method used today to help fill the demand. It is, however, subject to various problems such as extended winters, droughts, acid rain and over-harvesting, all of which contribute to decreased reproduction. Limited productive picking grounds and high costs for refrigerated storage and shipping compound the ever increasing problems.

We have found that in spite of the picked worms available, there is a demand for more. This has created opportunities for business ventures varying from small to large production operations. The UNCO commercial worm farming system, which when followed, can produce a large quantity and quality of nightcrawlers that can help fill the gap between supply and demand.

Believe it or not, worm farming is a serious business! Not only are the nightcrawlers themselves sold, but their worm castings are also marketed as a top-quality organic fertilizer. We have also developed markets for worm cocoons and a large amount of worms are being sold for home vermicomposting.

What are some of the contributing factors to the demands we have previously spoken of? Take fishing for example. A recent Gallop poll, an independent agency, stated that fishing is the second most popular recreational activity (next to swimming) in the United States. A recent survey by the Census Bureau for the Fish and Wildlife Service stated that “anglers spent $28.2 billion on their sport and fished an average of 21 days per person annually.” DID YOU REALIZE… If 100 nightcrawlers were used by these anglers each year they fished, they would require in excess of 6 billion nightcrawlers per year. With anglers paying anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per dozen, we’re talking about a potential national market of millions of dollars.

As for earthworm castings, it is safe to say that the market potential for them is also outstanding. Gardeners spent an estimated $22.1 billion on lawn and garden supplies in 1991, according to a National Gardening Association survey. With growing concerns about health problems due to usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic growing methods are becoming increasingly more popular. Thomas Barrett, author of “Harnessing the Earthworm,” says “In fact, the evidence shows an overwhelming superiority of earthworm soil over other fertile soils. Add that to the fact that worm manure (castings) is nature’s most abundant fertilizer and that worms were created to fertilize the soil.” The conclusion is that earthworm castings are a very viable product. An example — we have a Wiggle Worm Soil Builder customer whose order has grown from 1-2 tons in his first year to 100-125 tons today.

For Unco, the beginning was large worm beds, redworms and part-time work out of an old barn. Because of the amazing potential market for both products and the bed system not able to achieve business to results, research and experimentation with worms and systems for reproducing them were pursued. During this period, our company came across a cultured nightcrawler. Not only could the worm grow faster and produce more eggs than ordinary nightcrawlers, but it could also withstand a wide range of temperatures. It was this cultured nightcrawler, in addition to several more years of studies and hard work, that led to the cost effective use of the controlled scientific system we employ today, the UNCO commercial worm growing system. We have also become models and mentors to others who have entered the worm farming industry. We feel that what we have created, thus far, is only the tip of the iceberg. Our future is bright and yours could be too, if you’re one of the few that has what it takes to become successful and decide to pursue this exciting endeavor.

“Most of us are too busy making a living… that we don’t have time to live.”

Here are Some of the Advantages of Owning Your Own Business.

Financial Advantages

  • Appreciation
  • Tax Advantages
  • Equity and Long Term Value

Security Advantages

  • You are in control of your own destiny
  • Acts as insurance if you do ever lose your job (you just go from part time to full time)

Lifestyle Advantages

  • Fun
  • Internally Rewarding
  • Independence
  • Control
  • Better life
  • Home-based

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