Interesting Tidbits

“Hey Tom, I am an organic grower….And I’ve used many different castings and find your’s to be the highest quality!”  received by Daniel, CA.

Gardeners have known for years that adding compost and manure to their soil results in better plants. Many folks are not fully aware of the reasons for the improvements. One of the major insights to the superior outcome is that all of the decomposing organic materials mixed into the soil create an atmosphere that worms are extremely attracted to. Drawing additional worms to your garden increases aeration of soil, and at the same time, the smorgasbord of decaying matter is devoured and deposited in the form of worm castings. After this material passes through the worm’s digestive system, the nutrients that are found in these fertile Worm Castings are changed into a form that is much more available to plants.


The ceaseless contributions of the earthworm have not gone totally unrecognized though. Back in the days of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra named the worm “a sacred creature”, whose removal from Egypt was punishable by death. Rightfully so, because the Nile Valley is said to be the most fertile tract of land on earth and it is literally one vast bed of earthworm soil. Aristotle had called them the intestines of the earth. Charles Darwin, after forty years of studying them, said that it is likely that worms are the most important creatures on earth.

Why the excitement over WORM CASTINGS? Research shows that compared to the soil itself, worm castings are definitely higher in bacteria and organic matter, total and nitrate nitrogen, exchangeable calcium and magnesium, available phosphorus and potassium, pH and percentage base saturation and cation exchange capacity. In other words, worm castings are a sterile, odorless means to condition your soil and an organic and natural way to provide your plants with the nutrients they need, when they need them. Scientists have shown that worm castings work extremely well in promoting lush plant growth, but to this day, they still are not exactly sure why Earthworm castings work as well as they do. It just goes to show that Mother Nature knows best.