Starting Your Own Worm Business DVD and Literature (INFORMATIONAL)

Starting Your Own Worm Business DVD and Literature (INFORMATIONAL)


When investigating a business investment, it is best to obtain as much independent, un-biased information as possible. Therefore we have put together as much of it as possible in this informational packet.



Watching the video will be just like seeing our operation in person without having to spend your valuable time and hundreds of dollars in travel expenses. You get the video (DVD format), informational packet and a bag of Wiggle Worm Soil Builder pure earthworm castings organic fertilizer, worth $10.95

In many ways, it is even better than touring because you can view the video more than once. However, if you are in our area or would like to come visit the worm farm, we encourage you to see first hand what our operation is like and meet us in person.

This package is the best way to gather all the necessary information with a reasonable amount of time, energy, and money spent. If you are serious about looking into the worm farming business, you must consider how much 10 – 20 hours of your time is worth. You could spend several evenings in a library and still not get anywhere near the amount of information we have compiled.

NOTE: THIS PACKET IS NOT A TELL ALL BOOK ON HOW TO GROW WORMS.  It is investigative information on the potentials and pit falls of the worm casting business. Additional investments are required depending on how much product you plan to produce.

Return Policy: If after reviewing all of the materials, you decide not to pursue the business opportunity any further, you can return the booklet and DVD (at customer’s shipping cost) within 14 days from receipt and receive a $15.00 refund. The 4.5lb bag of Wiggle Worm Soil Builder PURE worm castings is yours to keep.


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