Cocoon material is organic worm bedding that has been through a cycle of worm casting production and been screened to collect worm cocoons. Within the bedding material will be unhatched nightcrawler cocoons. It is an excellent additive to any native soil. The rich bedding material will improve the soil quality of the applied area, while the cocoons, *under the proper conditions, will hatch and increase the worm population of that same area.

The cocoons will be packaged in the bedding material screened with them from the worm harvesting process. Over 99% of the material is bedding, soil and castings. The cocoons in this material are small, opaque, and oval shaped. They are no bigger than the small bits of soil material around them. The moisture of the cocoons and bedding around them will cause the soil particles to stick to them, making them very difficult to see. This damp medium of organic material will keep them as safe as possible until applied to desired area. The sealed and perforated bags will help retain that moisture for as long as possible. Keep package in moderate temperate area until ready to use.

*Due to many potential variables in conditions, UNCO cannot guarantee hatch rates.


Return Policy: This item is not returnable/refundable. If damage or loss in shipping occurs a replacement order will be sent.