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Are you looking for the best price, best service and best quality in earthworm fertilizer? UNCO has over 40 years in business experience in producing organic earthworm castings. We will BEAT any “delivered in” price!!!!!*

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    Interesting Fact

    The Basic Book of Organic Gardening, edited by Robert Rodale, praises worm castings as “The finest form of humus known.” Referred to as one of the world’s greatest organic fertilizers, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder PURE Earthworm Castings are surely Mother Nature’s best kept soil improving and plant growing secret!!!

    What Separates Wiggle Worm from the Pack

    Our PURE Earthworm Castings are completely organic so there is no chance of contamination with chemicals, pesticides or GMO’s.  We are currently listed with OMRI and CDFA as Organic Input Material.  We are also a organic fertilizer NOT just a soil amendment.

    We use the UNCO manufacturing system which we developed 38 years ago.  The UNCO system allows us to control all aspects of the worm’s environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  When you control the environment i.e. moisture, quality and consistency of the bedding, and you keep the right amount of worms in the bedding for the correct amount of time you will get PURE Earthworm Castings.

    Most other so called worm farmers place worms in beds or windows. They have no knowledge of how many worms there are per sq. ft. because the eggs are left in the beds with no knowledge of how many hatch. The bins or beds are also open to the air which means the moisture and temperature of the bedding material is constantly changing. Without the ability to maintain consistent control of temperature, moisture, quality of feed stock and quantity of earthworms per sq. ft. this process will NOT produce “PURE” earthworm castings on a consistent basis. We have seen worm castings that were produced in beds that claim to be pure but were actually 80% uneaten bedding material and less than 20% worm castings.

    UNCO guarantees quality and purity in our castings or your money back.


    CDFA Certificate

    OMRI Certificate