Bait & Composting Nightcrawlers

Bait & Composting Nightcrawlers


Tasty Bait™ Cultured Nightcrawler  BULK (approximately 500 nightcrawlers)


Our cultured nightcrawlers are great for composting. Typically you will get 1 pound of waste per day from 1 pound of nightcrawlers. There are approximately 400-500 nightcrawlers in a pound.

They are also great as bait as they can grow to be 6-8 inches long. BONUS: NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED!!! (You’re welcome Mom)


Nightcrawler orders will ship out via USPS priority mail or UPS ground on the Tuesday of the week after they are ordered with an estimated travel time of 1-3 days.

Please note, shipments may be held if weather conditions are extreme.


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