Bait, Composting Worms, and Worm Cocoons

  • Worm Cocoons

    Cocoon material is organic worm bedding that has been through a cycle of worm casting production and been screened to collect worm cocoons. Within the bedding material will be unhatched nightcrawler cocoons. It is an excellent additive to any native soil. The rich bedding material will improve the soil quality of the applied area, while the cocoons, *under the proper conditions, will hatch and increase the worm population of that same area. Sold as: 750 cocoons/1500 possible worms in an 8lb quantity of material 1500 cocoons/3000 possible worms in a 15lb package 2500 cocoons/5000 possible worms in a 25lb package *Due to many potential variables in conditions, UNCO cannot guarantee hatch rates.
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    Tasty Bait™ Cultured Nightcrawler  BULK 500
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    Our cultured nightcrawler is an excellent choice for indoor composting. They are also great for using as bait worms. Typically, you can process one pound of waste per day for every pound of nightcrawlers you have. Our cultured nightcrawler will also co-exist with redworms. There are approximately 400-500 worms per pound.
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    100 Tasty Bait™ nightcrawlers that DO NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION!!! (you're welcome Mom)